ZeeCeeBoutique uses bespoke techniques to apply a range of coloured, delicate metallic foils onto glass surfaces with slightly weathered, vintage finish.

All our curious creations are HandCrafted featuring a themed pattern of customer's choice, a personalised inscription and adorned with Hessian jute twine to add further whimsical charm. 


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This small personalised bottle is perfect for creating a unique and beautiful gift or packaging your own hand-crafted products.


The vintage-inspired LIMITED EDITION bottle can be filled with your favourite scent or memento to create a truly meaningful gift. Sand or even a special liquor make the perfect partner for these pretty potion bottles.


If your passion is creating then you want to ensure your packaging is every bit as divine as your product. This hand-designed bottle is a favourite with our creative customers around the globe. Our customisable potion bottles allow their beauty oils, tinctures and perfumes to shine.


Design your own LIMITED EDITION Potion Bottle with a fully personalised inscription and choice of themed colours.


    Features: Metallic Artwork, Coloured Metallic Twine or Natural Hessian Jute Twine



    1.04oz /40ml


    5” / 127mm height (Inc. Stopper)
    2.3” / 58mm width




    Care Instructions:

    Can be washed with soapy water

    Not suitable for dishwasher 

    It is recommended you use a small funnel to help carefully fill the bottles up with your own potions.

Colour of FRAME
Colour of Text
Colour of TWINE