70 oz / 2000 ml


ZeeCee Boutique Keepsake Jar will allow you to treasure those memories such as tickets, trinkets, pebbles or other bit and bobs by saving them inside this beautiful large jar.

Life is full of memories that we want to cherish for the rest of our lives.


Give it to Bride and Groom as a Wedding gift full of uplifting notes or wedding wishes. 


Using Keepsake jars for your centrepieces is a fantastic way for you to exercise your creativity and let your personality shine.

You can contrast between large and small jars and fill them with a variety of beautiful things, such as sand and shells, colourful rocks, glass beads, candles, flower petals, glitter, and so much more.


Or it could be the most treasured Cookie Jar displayed on your counter.


Imagination has no boundaries. You can submit *YOUR OWN VECTOR GRAPHIC* (ai, png, pdf or jpeg files only). Feel free to chat with us at any time to discuss your specific needs.


    Each clear glass jar is individually handcrafted, featuring a custom designed, carefully adhered themed artwork using precious metallic foils.



    70oz / 2000ml

    Dimensions: 9 .8 / 250mm height (Inc. the lid)
    5 .5” / 140mm width
    Neck opening: 4.13" / 105mm diameter




    Care Instructions:

    Can be washed with soapy water

    Not suitable for dishwasher

Themed Artwork
Metallic Finish
Colour of TWINE



ZeeCeeBoutique uses bespoke techniques to apply a range of coloured, delicate metallic foils onto glass surfaces with slightly weathered, vintage finish.

All our curious creations are HandCrafted featuring a themed pattern of customer's choice, a personalised inscription and adorned with Hessian jute twine to add further whimsical charm. 


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