ZeeCeeBoutique uses bespoke techniques to apply a range of coloured, delicate metallic foils onto glass surfaces with slightly weathered, vintage finish.

All our curious creations are HandCrafted featuring a themed pattern of customer's choice, a personalised inscription and adorned with Hessian jute twine to add further whimsical charm. 


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Luxury Grand Soy Candle - Fully Personalised

Add a touch of elegance to your home with the addition of this fully customisable Luxury Glass Candle Centrepiece. Giving your home a cosy warmth with the flicker of the flame, the delicious smell will comfort you throughout evenings.


Made using the highest concentration of fragrance oils, an exclusive blend of soy-based wax & wood wick made of natural wood which, when lit, makes a soothing sound of crackling fire. Our candles melt consistently & evenly, radiating enough fragrance to fill an entire room. 


Choose your own scent.

  • Chocolate Monsoon - the whirlpool of comforting sweetness and alluring aroma of cacao beans uplifting the spirit and inspiring sensual creativity.
  • Citrus Green Tea - fresh scent of green tea extracts, natural lemon and lime oils infused with bergamot make this pure natural wax candle the perfect pick-me-up.
  • Cloud 23 - Bright, sparkling notes of raspberries infused with juicy hints of mandarin and bergamot, whilst a rich blend of coconut lend a gentle warmth to this sweet and fruity fragrance.
  • Crimson Starlite - Sun-kissed notes of ripe, juicy crimson red strawberries with a dollop of vanilla clotted cream will remind you of the bright, warm nights of summer.
  • Dulcet Creme Brulee - Sweet and soothing notes of Creamy buttery milk based custard laced with vanilla beans with a hard scorched caramel topping. Fantastic!
  • Raspberry Bonbon - a decadent treat that is sure to please. A rich dark chocolate accord surrounds luscious ripe raspberry tones.
  • Secret Island - an enchanting blend of Pineapple and coconut milk, shaken with the a juicy notes of mango.
  • Snowflake - A delicate blend of creamy vanilla with a light cinnamon kiss that brings back memories of freshly baked apple strudle.
  • Sublime Amaretto - The sublime aroma of sweet cherries, creamy vanilla and the wonderful fragrance of almond liquer is one of our all time favourites!
  • Supreme Vanilla - notes of sweet Vanilla pods and Tonka beans, this nostalgic aroma inspires the incomparable feelings of true home comfort


Your Own Design. Do you have your own design? The glass vessel is hand-crafted with metallic foils of your choice. It can be a text or a graphic. (Please send us your graphic idea in balck and white, vector graphic is the best - ai. png. psd. pdf. jpg. files.)

Colour of Wax. Our wax can be coloured in pastel shades. Choose your favourite colour and we will match it as close as possible. 

Colour of String. And a final touch to your creation is a gorgeous metallic twine. 


The candle is a little luxury that comes nestled in a delightful box, making it the perfect gift for any occasion.


This gorgeous candle gives an impressive 80 hour burn time.



    Content: Natural Soy Wax, Natural Fragrance Oil

    Burn Time: 80 hours


    Never leave burning candles unattended



    17.5oz / 500ml Dimensions: 5 .9” / 150mm height (Inc. the lid)
    4” / 100mm width
    Neck opening: 1.53" / 90mm diameter


Candle Scent
Colour of Artwork
Colour of Wax