'NO. 5 PINK CRYSTAL' Himalayan Rose Salt

Add a touch of alchemy to your kitchen.

Pink Crystal is artisan Himalayan Rose salt that comes from an ancient sea salt deposit in sedimentary rock dating back 290-543 million years ago - so it is old. The salt comes from Pakistan, where it is mined at the Khewra salt mines. 

Here are just a few ideas:

~ Mix with Rose Petals to enhance presentation of any sweet desert
~ Fantastic with fish and poultry, beef and vegetables
~ Incorporate into your baking and cooking repertoire
~ Makes the best salted caramel syrup


The 'Apothecary', 'Fairy' and 'Fantasy' styled GOLD labels are discreet yet intriguing so the colors and textures within are exposed both practically and decoratively. You could stick to one theme or perhaps mix them all up?


    Contains: Himalayan Rose Salt from Pakistan



    2.1oz /60ml


    1.8” / 45 mm depth
    1.8” / 45mm width 

    2.55"/ 65mm height


    Care Instructions:

    The glass jar can be washed with soapy water and is not suitable for dishwasher.

£6.00 Regular Price
£4.80Sale Price
Themed Artwork



ZeeCeeBoutique uses bespoke techniques to apply a range of coloured, delicate metallic foils onto glass surfaces with slightly weathered, vintage finish.

All our curious creations are HandCrafted featuring a themed pattern of customer's choice, a personalised inscription and adorned with Hessian jute twine to add further whimsical charm. 


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