Bridal Wedding Gift Hamper

Perennially popular bridal wedding gift hamper, and for very good reason.


ZeeCee Boutique's hand-picked gifting sets makes finding unique wedding gifts an easy and pleasurable task. Celebrate in style with our range of very unique presents for the special day.


Spoil your bridesmaid with our luxury, indulgent hamper featuring everything she could need to treat herself after she's completed her bridesmaid duties.


This delightful gift hamper is the perfect present for any occasion containing a personalised Potion Bottle favour with added 24 carat edible gold flakes, just add your favourite cocktail or sparkling champagne; combined with a small cute sweet treat of delicious handmade 100% natural flavoured sugar ideal for sprinkling on food or just secret munching,  and a luscious hand poured scented eco-friendly soy candle. 


The glassware is hand crafted with delicate precious metallic foils that shimmer in the candlelight.


The Gift Hamper can be perfectly tailored to your preferences and sent directly to the doorstep with a personalised notecard. If you are sending your hampers to multiple addresses, please make a separate order for each one.



Choice of 


1x Potion Bottle 

Potion Bottles can be fully personalised with your own inscription and colour of artwork to match your themed party and are adorned with a matching metallic twine bound around the neck of the bottle.

Bottles contain pinch of edible gold flakes but no liquid. 

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Drink me - Featuring Silver or Gold Tag with inscription 'Drink Me' and a matching colour of Metallic Twine

No. 9 Love Potion - Gold - Non customisable

Bridal Party - Choose Colour of Artwork  and  personalised inscription ( Date - Name - Bridal Role)

Fantasque - Adorned with Hessian Jute Twine - Choose Colour of Artwork and personalised inscription

Monogrammed - Gold or Silver only - personalised inscription ( Date - Initials - Event Location)

Limited Edition - Choose Colour of Artwork and personalised inscription


1x  Soy Candle

Featuring Silver Holographic Artwork and Silver Twine


Chocolate Monsoon - Mouthwatering rich and smooth chocolate scent

Citrus Green Tea - Vibrant and Relaxing fragrance of fresh lemons and Limes infused with green tea

Crimson Starlite - Luscious summer berries and cream

Sublime Amaretto - Warm and comforting sweet almond scent - Perfect for Him too!

Very Vanilla - Significant and Pure Vanilla smooth scent

Dulcet Creme Brulee - Soothing notes of creamy vanilla custard and hard scortched caramel topping


1x Sweet Gift Flavoured Sugars

Featuring Gold Artwork and Hessian Jute Twine


Coconut Bay - Coconut flavour

Cupid's KissStrawberry flavour

Sunburst Lemon Flavour

Ida's Allure Raspberry and Chocolate Flavour

Tiger's Amber - Orange and Chocolate Flavour

Phoenix of Eden - Cinnamon and Apple Flavour


or Rather Mysterious Alchemy Salt Jar

Featuring Gold Artwork and Hessian Jute Twine


No.1 Mermaid Tears - Atlantic Sea Salt

No.5 Pink Crystal Himalayan Rose Salt

No. 13 Black Crystal Black Lava Salt (Silver artwork)




    Glassware Features: Metallic Artwork and Metallic Twine 


    Potion Bottle - SOLD EMPTY


    1.04oz /40ml


    5” / 127mm height (Inc. Stopper)
    2.3” / 58mm width

    Sweet Gift


    2.1oz /60ml


    1.8” / 45mm width and height 
    2.55” / 65mm height (Inc. Cork Stopper)



    5.3oz /150ml


    Burning time


    2.75” / 70mm diameter
    3.34” / 85mm height

    30 hours


    Care Instructions:

    Can be washed with soapy water

    Not suitable for dishwasher 

    It is recommended you use a small funnel to help carefully fill the bottles up with your own potions.

Candle Scent
Sweet Gift or Rather Mysterious Alchemy Jar
Choice of Potion Bottle
Foil Finish on the Potion bottle



ZeeCeeBoutique uses bespoke techniques to apply a range of coloured, delicate metallic foils onto glass surfaces with slightly weathered, vintage finish.

All our curious creations are HandCrafted featuring a themed pattern of customer's choice, a personalised inscription and adorned with Hessian jute twine to add further whimsical charm. 


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