Bottle Your Own Beauty Potion

August 2, 2017



Artisan beauty products have become a full-blown trend in recent years. At home, more and more of us are experimenting with essential oils, fragrant herbs and chemical free toiletries. A few have even set up handmade beauty empires. If you’re passionate about creating divine products then you want to ensure your potions look every bit as beautiful as they feel.

Not sure where to begin when it comes to packaging? ZeeCee Boutique can help.   


Our stunning bottles are the perfect way to store and preserve your beauty products. Not only are our designs breath-taking, glass also acts as a much kinder and more effective preservative than plastic. A stunning addition to any dressing table or bathroom, our bottles can help your products turn heads.


We help creative customers around the world present their beauty potions in our hand designed bottles. Check out the stories of two of our lovely clients below:


The Wedding Aphrodisiac


In South East Asia, brides celebrate their day by wearing a beautiful blend of essential oils. Traditionally this is Jasmine and Ylang Ylang, which create an exotic and distinctive fragrance on the skin. These potent oils are inhaled and absorbed into the bloodstream where they evoke feelings of wellness and romance. Our client, a bride to be, chose to replicate an ancient family recipe for her wedding in the form of a body and bath oil. What’s more, she planned to give a vial of this oil to each guest as a memento of the day. We worked closely with the bride to design bespoke glass bottles that captured the magic of this special moment.


The Hair Elixir



We partnered with a prestigious hair salon to create this distinctive ‘Elixir of Hair’ bottle. These limited-edition bottles were filled with the client’s very own hair oil. The decadent oil is infused with vanilla extract, lime, rosemary, argan oil and a secret blend of vitamins and minerals. The elixir is the ultimate moisturising treat for the hair. Adorned with silver lettering and free from paper labels, our bottles will not discolour, smudge or lose their impact. An airtight seal ensured the elixir remains at its best even after several applications.


Inspired to Create Your Own Beauty Potion?


Creating your own beauty oil is easier than you might imagine and could make the perfect indulgent treat for family and friends. Try this simple beauty oil recipe to start crafting your own chemical free toiletries at home.


You will need:


  1. A clean vial or container (ideally a beautiful ZeeCee boutique bottle)  - BUY HERE

  2. A Pipette or Dropper

  3. 1 Once Castor Oil

  4. 2 Onces Jojoba Oil

  5. 2 Drops of Vanilla Essential Oil

  6. 8 Drops of Lime Essential Oil

  7. 1 Drop of Neroli Oil




  1. Combine all Castor Oil and Jojoba Oil and blend well.

  2. Add Vanilla, Lime and Neroli Essential Oils.

  3. Replace the stopper and shake gently to combine for 30 seconds.

  4. Wash and towel dry your hair and apply  small amount of your Hair Oil over the damp hair . Style as usual.

This restful oil is perfect to add to your bath or to smooth over dry skin.


Inspired to create your own personalised beauty potion? Visit our online store and save 10% on bottles today with code BEAUTYPOTION.

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